Hydro excavation trucks are a vital tool used by construction, utility and drilling companies, as well as municipalities, in the underground location and excavation around buried pipelines and cables.

Hydro excavator trucks, also known as hydro or vacuum excavators or sucker trucks, typically use highly pressurized water and a powerful vacuum system to dig or cleanup work areas.

In underground construction applications, the most common use of hydro excavation trucks is “potholing” which is the process of digging holes to identify the location of buried pipe and cables.  The vacuum is typically used to remove dirt, construction debris, or, in the case of the drilling industry, to remove drilling fluid that escapes from bore holes during the drilling process.

Many municipalities require the use of hydro excavation trucks rather than mechanical excavators in applications where a trench being dug may intersect with underground utilities.

The portable nature of hydro excavation trucks provides for efficient use and flexible positioning at any job site.

X-Vac hydro excavation trucks are designed for easy operation by one or two technicians; a multifunction wireless remote control provides complete access to boom functions, water pump, vacuum relieve valve, tailgate, emergency stop and throttle controls for maximum control and safety.

The X-10 Truck Mounted Hydro Excavator was developed especially for the Australian market by Hi-Vac to meet the unique needs of Australia’s NDD and liquid waste contractors.

For more than 30 years, X-Vac hydro excavation trucks have been a preferred piece of excavation equipment by companies and municipalities worldwide.

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